Nostalgic 2

The seamless desires and the timeless moments, it feels good to know that I once enjoyed them with you.

Copulated that moment serene beneath that sky when clouds over loaded with moisture fall on ground. Around waist that policed slides of your warm touch, it was that magical. Was that, that magical? The cold soothing breeze and unturmoil agitations and I do not remember when you let me even talk a moment. I wrote them on the burnt pages of my diary, turned ashes long before. Your presence was magical, it stills it, and the difference is your presence now.

60 feet’s height on the roof tall did not take my strength but a mile alone is doing now, you have no idea how it feels to run away from your feeling, you were that special something to me.

The first ever of that divine moment when the closeness with your felt me so relaxing, when the stress was the reason to talk to you even that way, your eyes twinkling and mesmerizing the way fact that we were in a new world together, do you remember?


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