Nostalgic 1



I remember the moment when Delhi memories were not that washed off so earlier. When it was just like a few moment before quote just before moment of every next moment. Aah!! The feeling, inseparable from memories and I still gets Goosebumps when I remember our first kiss. Kiss of love, now I know why they all said so. A kiss can turn everything on place. Even if it was just the infrared rays, the ultra violet rays, your shadow never let my skin tan. That fragrance, I tell you, every time someone tries that deodorant in front of me, I run away.

Actually I am running away from your memories, I feel, feeling bad with something else, being sad is much more better option than missing you.

“Every moment is so pulsating, gosh!! I so miss you, I can’t even tell you in words, scar and cuts I made through long these years”

Life seems colourless, maybe I chose this path, but can’t you do something now? Can’t you just come back? I do not believe these dimension or space facts, I believe anything is possible for you. Can you just do some magic and come along through me, it sounds weird but certainly, I need your presence, I need you.


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