“from the very moment a small child is forced to go to school, early morning TORTURE , homework TORTURE , exam pressure, assignment completion and what not, but where is KNOWLEDGE SHARING here? what do a child learns then? mugging up? cheating to make through the best. from the very early age we teach our children to do anything to make through the BEST, we do not want our child to know the real values, we just want them to be KNOWN by the world, but we forget, only the one who enjoys the source and it’s knowledge makes through the best, and we wonder where we made a mistake, where our kid lack for not being DIFFERENT, ask your child to really gain learning, instead of learning what he gains, and you will find the difference. it takes so much handwork and little sacrifice to make through the different, yet if you think WHY ARE NOT YOU DIFFERENT, MAKE SURE YOU ASK THIS QUESTION DIFFERENTLY, WE ALL ARE GIVEN EQUALLY, NO CASTE, NO EXTRA TALENT, ITS JUST WHO CAN MAKE THE BEST USE OF WHAT IS GIVE”









“Shristy, my new paper” some urged

“didi my tiffing” someone shouted

“Beta, where is the remote” someone questioned

“Here is your paper, here is you tiffin and here is your remote” I handed over their answers in physical to each one of them.

It took four long hours for me to fall asleep and three hours to stay sleepy and wake up early when the door well rung with the maid chirps.

“Bai, where were you from last three days?” I had my first sip of green tea while generally questioning about her well being, all I wanted was to ask if she was all right.

“ek to kam karo, fir suno bhi (I work all day long and your people keeps me taunting)” she left shutting the door, without touching a utensil kept all night long.

I gave a bad look to myself for even concerning, I wished if I took a silence while she got in and till she stays here in the house, I looked my other side where the stinky flavoured green dusty cartoonish, and over dramatic utensils were making music out of their urge to get washed and take a shower as soon as possible.

“All right, the whole thing? I mean the whole? Utensils, brushing, dusting and floor wiping?” I took my head phone and prayed for strength and got to work.

We have no right, not even a human right to question a person who helps in domestic help, pity we ladies.

“College time, the cook is absent again”

Oh never worries, I do not question, I do not regret neither do I have a pain that sticks on my ass for long, I accept and move infect I have a habit of doing things making fun out of it, I always had a slogan, if it is to live that way, I live the way I wanted to be in my mood off. Well everything ended by 11 and my college starts by 10, I reach late or I prefer not to step college. When I reach college a hour later it is almost a die or never condition for me, my back pains and my head aches, nothing remains synchronised, then a message comes “bring vegetables while you come home, guests tonight”

I replied with OK, YES, HAVE FOOD, TAKE CARE and blah blah.

I ordered for a tea and brought out my head phone from my bag, it’s quite funny and hard to find stuffs from my bag, my cell phone buzzed again “in class?”


Anshi: did you guys bunk today?

I: Probably!!!!!!!!!!!

Anshi: oh, all right have fun

I: but how come u bunked today?

Anshi: was busy for TOFEL

This buzzed my ears, my head and my heart somehow and it reminded my own motto “if it is to live this way, I live the way I want”

All inside deeply within somewhere inside was a little dream to study overseas and something that is not natural, something that is different and something that is like out of the world, I wanted to study metaphysics.

When I completed my secondary I wanted to fill for some foreign universities but at then I had a though “what about my family? Will they be able to live alone? They cannot move without me”

While exploring back, INDIBLOGGER gave me secret shadow to remember all my dreams I had once in my mind while exploring the sea of dreams and clouds of imaginations.

After completing my second half of the college I went back without a thought and explored my store room, where all my books and drawing copies were eating the tasty dust.

“Here it is” something I drew which drew a big smile on my face, a smile that years ago misplaced it’s innocence with maturity and what not.

When I flipped its pages the dancing dust flew their own skies and I had no idea where to start with, one after another my diary pages spoke of dreams and ever small details I would like to introduce into my life next year after I complete my secondary examinations.

Big plans, big dreams and big Hopes, we all are taught to always THINK BIG no matter what, god always listens to you during day.


A diary, my only best friend when I was a over studios, high power spectacular and underwater diver student

images (2)

When I flipped its pages tears began to accompany my desires, my lost and hidden life I forgave long before. Was it had to be? Was it to be like it is? We were asked to dream big but not all dreams follow you, not all you follow your dreams, maybe I chose it yet why and why all those questioned arose my mind’s tiny part where I gave a fruitful ACCEPT EVERY SITUATION coding.

Was I really rude with myself? Why did I choose this life? Why couldn’t I make it to the college I have always dream of, was not I capable enough of it? Who is going to answer all those never asked questions?

And then I understood why it took a lot of head ache to sleep per night, because I could not face myself for long.

My feelings were un noticed, n body ever asked and I never let them know. Even I had few crazy dreams, even I had few fantasies and hopes but all I left for people who really meant to me. I knew my mother cannot live alone with my little sister and brother, my father lives other town and she needed me.

My little sister and little brother were the two innocent puppies needed to be trained for a big fatal world, I had to choose between my life and my life, and I had nowhere to go.

“those days, when I decided to mug up my story in a new form when I really needed a change, from every comments, from ever false relationship, I wanted to fly away, that wasn’t a sacrifice, that was a decision, I decided to choose my family over my fly overs, I just choose what seemed right to me”

I closed my drawing book, a dream makeover for my every life scenes, I just drew what fascinated me the most and after then I stopped drawing.

Apart a long year, this contest gave me an insight peek into my past dream, I feel truly gratitude,

When it came to my desire;

What do I want to study, in REAL?

I am an engineer, coding, error finding and then coding, developing and coding, I eat, drink and walk coded, it is fun with computers, it separates from reality, but guess what do I really like? The ghost, life after death, angels, dreams, illusion, everything that is not REAL, everything that has a MYSTORY, very thing that bring me little closer to the question “WHO AM I, WHERE DID I CAME FROM AND WHY?” all these questions are not stupid, they have something in common to the science, that science and meta science are the same with a knowledge that META- knowledge about something, WONDER why did I choose this then.

Not always universities are needed to learn, learning comes from curiosity, the way, the place and the moment you are curious about knowing something, the universe will bring forth you with situations, people and everything you desired, keep the curiosity on, keep the questions on, keep yourself ON the right track with really hidden urge to find the answer, and your subconscious will do anything possible and everything possible to get through it.

Have you ever wondered why did you choose this life? Why just this?

screenshot_wii_fragile_dreams_farewell_ruins_of_the_moon013 images (1)

Did you have an idea that you chose this life? You chose your family and you have already decided your destiny, yes! You really have, you have done it all before and then you forget about it, you have no idea that you have created all these, god just helped you according to your free will, ASK AND YOU SHALL BE GIVEN, said the Greatest and my super cutest JESUS, not only him even ever holy books tells you the same.

All the curiosity leads me to somewhere where nothing finds a way, STUDYING METAPHYSICS was the real dream of my life, but according to the reality of Indian community I had to choose what really can be felt. But I did not left hope, I did everything and anything to find out these answers, either it took years and it came to me slowly, every answers- GRATITUDE, then I realized, peeping other side of world is quite fascinating. Everything that is unanswered, takes my attention. I always love to do something that is impossible, I have no idea why, it’s a childhood problem 😉

All I wanted was to explore various truths that we are un-aware of, many answers that can be noted just through meditation and many other variable origination those are just hell fascinating, I just want to study them all, know and explore the KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE KNOWLEDGE, where did these knowledge’s came from, who gave these facts a validity, who told us why it has to be like this, who made these rules, who brought these curiously and who and why made these things.

I wish one day I can bring up these answers for my curiosity. I do not prove anybody, I just want know them, I just want to explore them for myself.

From where?

I have no idea, when it comes to UK, what fascinates me? the place, HA HA , it would be more fun roaming on the streets, trying new foods and knowing the culture, yet if comes to my choice I would choose, university of Cambridge, I have no idea why, and guess what I searched for universities those provides these courses, but I guess Cambridge do not, then this is my application to them to please get me one of that course from your university, and please do not forget to invite me, I would surely love to study over seas a, live my dreams and make them come true, maybe someday.


What took my attention to Cambridge?

I tell you what Google told me about it, and I really loved its ambiance and the reviews.





University of Cambridge

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The University of Cambridge (informally known as “Cambridge University” or simply as “Cambridge“) is a collegiate research university in CambridgeEnglandUnited Kingdom.

Originally founded in 1209, it is the second-oldest university in English-speaking areas, and the world’s third-oldest surviving university.[5] The university grew out of an association of scholars that was formed in 1209, early records suggest, by scholars leavingOxford after a dispute with townsfolk.[6] The two “ancient universities” have many common features and are often jointly referred to asOxbridge.

Today, Cambridge is formed from a variety of institutions that include 31 constituent colleges and comprehensive academic departments which are organised into six Schools.[7] All these organisations occupy different locations in the town including purposely-built sites and the student life is found in the arts, sport clubs and societies. It has nurtured many notable alumni, and 90 Nobel laureates have been affiliated with the University,[8] which is the highest in the world. Cambridge is also a member of various academic associations and forms part of the “golden triangle” of English universities. It is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning and is regularly placed among the world’s best universities in different league tables.[9][10][11][12][13][14]

Cambridge’s endowment of £4.9 billion in 2013 is the largest among all European educational institutions.[15]

In post-nominals the university’s name is abbreviated as Cantab, a shortened form of Cantabrigiensis which is an adjective derived from Cantabrigia (the Latinised form of Cambridge).

University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge coat of arms official.svg

LatinUniversitas Cantabrigiensis
Motto Hinc lucem et pocula sacra(Latin)
Motto in English Literal: From here, light and sacred draughts
Non-literal: From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge
Established c. 1209
Type Public, (The colleges are private institutions)
Endowment £4.9 billion (2013, incl. colleges)[1]
Chancellor The Lord Sainsbury of Turville
Vice-Chancellor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz
Academic staff 5,999[2]
Admin. staff 3,142[2]
Students 18,448[2]
Undergraduates 12,077[2]
Postgraduates 6,371[2]
Location CambridgeEnglandUnited Kingdom
Campus Urban
366,444 square metres (36.6444 ha) (excl. colleges)[3]
Colours      Cambridge Blue[4]
Athletics The Sporting Blue
Affiliations Russell Group
Coimbra Group
University of Cambridge logo.svg







and yet, i surely do not have the life i desired, but surely have the best one i could handle- if you can think like this, no one can ever take your content happiness.

i surely wanted to study metaphysics, but knowledge is all about gaining, and it does not need an university and campus, all it needs curiosity and a teacher, you- yourself can be the best teacher for yourself.

This post was written originally for INDIBLOGGER contest on KNOWLEDGEISGREAT

I feel gratitude and much blessings to INDIBLOGGER for conducting such wonderful contest, may it grows even big



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