The best of it

She would rise up with something that did not seized her mind to HIS memories, even if it meant someone else’s commemoration that hurt her all long, but never mind, breathing in pain was better than with desperate feelings of getting him.
She tried and she cried yet she botched I know, but she did not lose it all.
She woke up another day and decided not to bother anybody but herself because that was the only thing that would have given her dignity for her desires.
All set attires, she put on her much-loved blanket and she devoted that whole sky full of stars and missing moon, but there was someone who told her that moon isn’t missing, estimate who?
Moon is capable enough to ponder it’s shine without even giving you his best scrutiny, it’s that powerful. You do not need to be in lime light to provide one, you can still be the sun without an mesosphere, all that count is your ignition to help, love and care it in.
“Oh come one, I was never born to give up”
Neither were you, go get it, fighting for your love is only your purpose.


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