During in a relationship

Stories those fascinated me were the never ending love stories, but what we missed was even all the greatest things missed with a little perfection. Nothing is perfect and it should not be, as per the law the perfect was never made for anything just to leave hope for others who were finding way to move better ahead. Perfection is a word used to describe the ended hard work and a never ending hope. All perfect love stories ever made had small mistakes and fights and those fights were cute, cuddling and lovable, at the end of each day they both mingled with another new fight started from that ending point to point conversation. It is all in the average mind places we decide to make everything on a perfect trigger and miss by one bullet. All skipped moment bring you a little more NOT close to your partner. You really need to give and know what you both have done if it was meant to be a honestly true love. Beside all mistakes the best we make is to start and end conversation mentally, all conversation which never took place but we created finding solution for what did not happen. Remember, everybody here is an ongoing, no body must wait for you to find out it, else you could let it dawn with unexpected new entry or you can make a better go. May be many lucky enough to get things on hands, spoon feed but yet there is another fun staring and building from beginning and establish a land mark. Few things to remember in a relationship: It’s your responsibility not your neighbors Find time Appreciate Talk as much as you can on other topics when you are together because, having together is talking about each other Try understanding the fact that other person has a life like you Your life, your responsibility but your relationship needs two responsibilities to carry one Love means no sex at one goes Understand that true love is established, it do not come with the person Once you hear what they say, they will do the same Try giving space to each other and enjoy other things too


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