Speaking self

Out of the hindered dreams:

“They really can’t talk, do they?”
Ants one along another in a group making queue marching without a urge for silence, they do not see left nor right all they were worried for the hurry. They sense my interrupting finger’s hot figs.
“They really can communicate; we really do not understand them”
We sat long enough on the broken bridge almost to fall next moment yet for the first time we were not afraid of dying. Living together gives me strength to fight back the death too. All it was good apart the world outside.
Explanations are so rough to deliver when we just live on to the moment; we decided to dive in the greatest interrogatives.
The best way to escape anything is to face it? Well I prefer to really escape it and it’s a good idea till it exists.
“Guess you think only humans can talk” said he with another useless question for me.
“Only in case I guess” grinned grilled and grasped me!!
“Then why don’t you even throw your pens, pencil scrambles and even your old dresses”
“Guess I can talk and feel them”
He always finds better way to explain it, so do materials speak?
“You want me to leave that eating non-veg? I just love those kfc grills”
“So do you want to separate two loving best friends, children from their parents or so?”
“What difference will it make? If I escape someone else will eat them”
“One step ahead makes a difference”
“What will I eat now?” I gave a slapping question to my own self.
“Fruits, vegetables and lots of many things you can rely on, fresh and healthy” he put his wise quantities apprehension.
“You said everything do have a feeling, why do I kill trees then” I gave a YAY-I-AM-SO-WISE-YOU-CAN-NEVER-WIN-ON-ME smile.
We walked away from this stupid discussion that we held to divert our mind from the real problem.
I certainly understood that talking with self sometimes is a wonderful way to shift away from what blocks us.


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