You can have it all, do not expect

We often think that manifestation, attraction and creation are our only purpose in the earth, well I do not deny it, and eventually we must remember few more things of living:



Higher self


Everything comes at right time at right moment and it must, till then why not enjoy whatever already is given? You will get everything you want, trust me, somebody is always noting your wishes those are with true intention

The best thing about life is you do not need to understand everything of it. You can simply live the way and leave rest on someone, make sure you have the fait to let go your events. Till you find to control your events in life you lose the perspective of everything.


Need of NOT bothering anything:


Remember whatever you are and whatever is in you is not because of you, may be you have attracted a lot in your life but remember nothing was your creation. The way we are moving towards the knowledge of laws of attracting thing we are eventually forgetting the concept of divine and our ego has already started to speak.


Like every time the revolution begins, a last ear has talked a lot on the law of attraction but not all of us really understand the fact.



Reason why people who do not expect wins a lot:

Because there are a lot people pushing their forces and as the air goes opposite to the pressure, the light area is benefited.


What to do?

You have done a lot, the last shift has a full stop to everything, let your higher self-do the rest. Take a break and let go everything, I mean everything.

There is a lot you may be missing, have a time with you without any condition and without any preparation, let the divine work the rest


Towards the faith in divine the higher self, I pray the lord to provide us wisdom and good feelings to survive this change, help us to please understand that there is always you to protect and provide us whatever we need, Thank you


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