What is a new year? Let it metaphysical


New is always designated for a good beginning. If it is a new day, it really means the night is to be forgotten, whatever just passed on let it go. Why not?

Time and space really do not exist; there is a vibrational illusion all around which we take it virtually real.  You do not find out which one are really you, apart all other dimensions.


Dimensions: you are just a vibration, your body, your sight, things are just other vibrations and they move on from plexus that we call time. Time and space together makes a day, and these two components do not have real existence. They reside on a concept of hierarchy and over platform.


Time and space: when you define time it is a watch telling you how many hours or what has passed, in real there is nothing called a watch that tells you it’s existence, you really need to think it again.


Now the New Year is the era which is created along though opaque version of all the time and space theories we as a human calculate but in real:


New Year is a beginning of removing shells of the pas record through letting it go. Once you let go, revise and revision your memory through a centred shell technique or you completely forgive your sense. We human need reason to celebrate and find days to verify our thoughts. New Year’s brings lots of new wishes and a reason to do so.


Metaphysically: all he seasons of continuous fractals you keep changing, is a new days and all these days’ converts to seasons and all these seasons are conceptually a entrance of new place and space in your own imagination, it is a new year.


Wish you a really abundant full of knowledge and lots of loving and caring vibrations on your way, live this new space with a good intentions, and let your family and other people in your environment have proud on your new virtues and goals.

Happy New Year


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