Things to be told Everyday to Yourself

Apart so much don’t forget to start your day telling yourself few things



¨ I am beautiful, because I can wear and be whatever I am and no body can be ME.


¨ I know how special I am because I handle my house, my parents and most obviously my friends.


¨ I know that my smile is precious, I know how amazing I am.


¨ I can handle every situation so wonderfully that someone times I am shocked at my position and strength.


¨ I am special and with a purpose.


¨ I promise to spread happiness and see good in everything.


¨ I know that someone is good in this situation, it is making me feel how special I am to myself


¨ I always have time for myself and know that everything is for my good


¨ The supreme is with me always



Now kiss yourself, either your hands or virtually fly kiss standing in front of mirror




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