Save your Relationship

Relationship now days are a normal culture. Everybody have somebody important to their life. there is someone they always wanted to fix themselves to. They not only want them but being into relationship is a need for today.

Reason may be because everybody else is involved in relationship, everybody around you including your friend and best friend. You need time to be shared; you do not want to waste your life involving yourself in loneliness.

Loneliness and fear of getting alone often in the crowd of happy people make us anxiety and we end up choosing wrong partner. All this season you have to very particular about what you choose for yourself. Know that when you are down and depressed you will probably get someone who is the same as of your frequency. You need to be very very particular about what people you choose. How the person treats you. Most often we understand abuses and bad behavior as possessiveness and result of anxiety but certainly they are not what we wonder. Always have a safe side for your self-esteem. Do not let anybody harm your confidence. Unless a relationship is progressive and gives you happiness do not move further.



Some key point everybody should consider into account, either you are a teenager, just another adult or someone who grew up looking other relationships getting bitter, know that there are good people too, know that like you so many others exists as well, know that things can get better, people can change and so on but also know that so many just have different faces for some emotional fools like us. Always tend to support your vitality. Know that you respect yourself and let other know the same. Do not harm your self-confidence at the cost of love.

Love is something that should not be demanding, there should not be any criteria for choosing, there should not be something that demands you own dream or your happiness. We as a human came to this planet to learn experience and search. Search some unresolved known questions which we as a subconscious being know to the correct level but as a conscious being we are just finding yet another one.

For if you feel you need someone in your life, let the need go first. Until and unless you fill yourself with love or NOTHING TO BE NEEDED, things will seem to you messy. Until and unless your guardian angels see you in pain and decide to help you in your problem there will be no magic. Because only you can do it, magic and miracles happen every day, it is you who need to see it. Sun rays are magical as well, for few the last breathe they took is magical. It is all magical. Your existence is magical, your smile is magical. You yourself is a another magic in the universe.






  • If it a long running relationship, find everything to trust
  • Even if you have seen him with someone, let him explain. Understand the situation and always give everybody at least a chance to put their views, may be what you just saw is another illusion. After they explain you what actually the matter is, calm yourself and find a better person to take relevant advice.
  • Always have a positive approach to any relationship, have patient to everything as much as you can
  • Be honest and let other do the same
  • If you find dishonesty running in your relationship please be specific and let other people know what you are thinking for them
  • Trust yourself and your instinct because they are never wrong
  • If you find something is really going fishy, try to understand and take time to understand yourself and your mate, give time and space always for a good conduct
  • Your relationship is your inner reflection, if you feel you are troubling with something, try to find it out inside.



  • Do not trust anybody blindly
  • Do not let other people take advantage of yours just because you feel you will be lonely
  • Ever in your life when you have conflict between mind and soul for good and bad consult your elder or a trustworthy friend, if you do not find anybody feel safe and free to contact me, my ever working team is always there for you as a friend.
  • Do not eat up space of anybody either if it is your friend, everybody have their own reality and choices respect it
  • Do not disrespect other person because he does not suits to whatever you want
  • Do not ever try to lie in a relationship until it is extremely needed (I am not talking about nagging for not being well or complaint you are drawing from fever, these does not comes under lie, a truth with bad intention is even worst), it ruins all the fun


People lie, makes mistakes, break hopes, cheat but once they ask for forgiveness- go for it, even if you do not accept them again, feel free to forgive them, make yourself free from that unloving bond. Always remember you can start it again, you can fall in love again, give yourself enough chance to fall in love with yourself, develop that trust and live like you always do.



We all make mistakes, we all need the same thing like every other person as a human in the  planet wants, either you are an animal, tree or a bird, you will need  something and someone to always reply your sight. You want to touch them more often; you want to fall in love. Does a simple thing before you move one, forgive very thing and situation including people and feelings those are draining you away from happiness. Always know that time has gone, so their mistakes. Few harms and hurt are really hard to be forgiven and I truly will not force you to do that still yet if you really can please go one.

Forgive and forget, remember and visualize your new happy go lucky life, all my wishes.

Stay healthy, safe and know that I am always there as a good friend, feel free to contact me at my email address given at the end.





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