Jealousy and You

Jealousy in Relationship, friendship, between parents, between siblings, from family members, by family members, from a stranger and so on…. But what jealousy is???

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is a feeling of lack. Jealousy is not forced it is the feeling of living in lack. We get jealous from people we think are more important to use and are more better than us.

How jealousy is originated?

No body forces you to generate jealousy, it is a self-originated feeling that comes without notice and without fail more often.

Sign and symptoms of getting jealous?

  • When you suddenly feel you are not happy with your best friend’s success.
  • When you realize your friend has a better car or accessory.
  • When you understand that there is something lacking you because people like your little brother more or your parents love him more.

Seedling of jealous factor?

Jealousy is normally a virtual factor, we wonder and over think for certain matter those do certainly not exist. May be your little brother is ill, maybe he needs more attention because he is younger. There are very possibilities.

Effects of jealousy.

  • It ruins self-peace.
  • It ruins relationships.
  • It actually demerits your skin with stress.
  • It creates mental pain.
  • According to law of attraction you lose what you are jealous of, suppose you are jealous of someone’s abundance or new car, you are actually pushing it away from you, you are actually pushing that abundance and car.

A little jealousy is good for health and relationship because it confirms your possessive attitude towards but more of it can make your creative in criminals


There is a life beyond jealousy and ego, why do not you set yourself free because every link to jealousy will create a bond between dissolving mental connections for people, situation and things. You have to clutter them in order to live the life you desire



Jealousy can be really very dangerous, it can completely change you and your life purpose and can lead you to somewhere you never wanted to be.. it is very important to identify the cause and root for every jealous feeling you come across within yourself. Find better way to throw it out as soon as possible.


Why it is necessary to eliminate jealousy?


  • Because

I. It is dangerous for soul growth

II. Eliminating jealousy will set you free

III. It will help you find new purposes and new doors to happiness will set your life to another way

IV. You will understand that there is something flaming inside you too

V. You will indirectly respect your confidence your feelings



How can one eliminate or ignore jealousy?


  • Let other people simply be left with their stuff

  • Know that you deserve better and you will get that

  • Have faith that things will work out for better for sure

  • Universe has plenty for everyone and you will be given your part

  • Take jealousy as a challenge and let yourself be safe from it’s effects

  • Keep a journal where you write positive things about yourself

  • Completely ignore this feeling so as to make yourself safe and content

  • Know or understand that other person needs that thing more then you

  • Know that god loves you more then you think

  • Ask your self again and again these questions:

  • Are you not capable enough to become better then the person you are jealous? If you are not, there is no reason for jealousy to come up and if you are, you do not need to be.

  • Can this situation or person really harm me?

  • Is it really necessary to feel envy for anything?


Know that you are capable enough to do anything, you can get, be anything you desire, do not let jealousy kill your tender soul.





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