Kiddo’s need split tablets

What makes me think for the use of a tablet when I already have a biiiigggg screeeennn smartphone which is sufficient enough for my survival, I do not even know how to use some of the application. It was lately my twin kiddos were fighting up playing in it, I said “why do not one of you take daddy’s phone, it has better games”

My elder son ayudhya is very calm and curious yet another arudhya is naughty and innovative. Both of them were that day suffering from fever. I cannot see ayudhya crying for not getting mumma’s cell so cannot I see aru doing so.

Till then my husband came up with medicines for both, even having so many doctors in my house the patients in the house are really carefree. Both of the started shouting at no mumma no, no daddy no. we tried best to push and punch the tablets inside their mouth.

We were finally able to do so, and it is such a relaxing step to know that they have taken the medicine and will get well soon. My husband who is a surgeon as well as a psychologist understand that medicines are just a mental disease. There is nothing in world then you who can treat you well. I and he both knew the fact yet I do not know when it comes to my family’s security I forget everything I know and stand alone in the action.

Aru and ayu both were still fighting for mumma’s phone, and there came daddy’s phone and so on.

“mumma who eats tablets”

“Who those are ill beta”

“They who eats that big tablet anuj kaku has?”

Anuj is my brother in law, and he has a tablet, now the innocent question puzzled me. my curious child needs an answer and his clever daddy runs away from their questions, only we mummys always get trapped.

“Beta! Who are ill from minds those use tablets”

Next all the day long they forced anuj to visit doctor, they almost ate his mind to make him really a mad, and he was forcefully taken to psychologist.

When they came back anuj narrated me the whole story, till then my sons were all fit and fine by god’s grace and my blessed tables for sure.

The story was like this, my both curious and innovative kids asked me who eats tablet right? The big one? I said the mentally ill people,

Now ayu’s mind innovated like this that captured to aru’s mind and they both took anuj to psychologist not to see how doctor treats them but to ask doctor to:

How will you split anuj kaku’s tablet in two halves so that the games are divided and we both can play?

The doctor looked shocked and immediately called my husband who is his co friend and they both are in the same hospital.

My husband worriedly called me saying aru and ayu needs to be admitted because their fever reaches brain. I am very much sensitive to both of them, and I almost felt like getting fainted.

Later when I reached the whole room was shouting with giggles, the doctor wondered if they were talking unnecessary and this is India guys, things initiated from source reaches destination mixing up.

When I asked my kids why did they ask this to doctor for which they innocently said there mugged up story: see mumma, you gave us medicine for fever that was small right, you call that tablet and who makes them? Daddy na? then u said anuj kaku is mentally ill for which anuj gave me a wicked look, oh well ignore and see what my kiddo told us, he confirmed that the big tablet to big doctor and they wanted to split the big tablet into small cell phones so that they can play the same thing without a fight, the mystery was so resolved, aah how clever.

Daddy brought them new play stations and that both looks alike and my both the kids are happy now, but I wonder for all the mothers who have twins and it is really hard for us to brought up twins, they always needs the same thing, we mothers can never differentiate in them. Among all my one kid is an indigo child and another is a crystal child. Both needs special care and pamper. When I saw this post on Indi blogger and that too on my email at last go I gave a thought to urge i.t companies please do something for my twins, they really need a tablet that can split up into two alike parts, for god sake someone give me strength to understand their concepts.

this note was written for indiblogger post on Better way and that shares link to following link


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