Love finds its own way;Have Faith

“Why do not you fight with me?” I asked so munificently.
He looked anticipated goggled and jumbled.
“why do not we fight like other couples, they shout at each other, they brands their own story to leave for no conversation, they bully, insult. I heard a fight makes relationships stronger?”
He sniggered so badly, I really felt bad.
“Actually we fight everyday”
“And what does fight means to you?”
“Something which makes relationship stronger, now you said that”
Nobody can defeat him at least when it comes for his rights. I bet!!
I was born in a family where there was always someone to accompany me with my loneliness. I never knew that there is added world else then this until I loomed my graduations.
All my childhood was mollycoddling, pampering, loving and caring. Everything I ever anticipated was with me before it came to my tips. I always wondered that life is magical. I never had an idea that surprisingly life was magical only then.
When I stepped out of that shell out of my family I encountered people, with faces, few with double faces and few with messed faces. I have seen the phase for ever face.
During the initial days of my graduation, life decided to teach me something. Some real lessons those I thought were only theoretical bookish lessons from some spiritual one but god knew what was good for me, he knows what is best for me.
Even the gold is polished under burning coal for its shine; even the beautiful flowers grow with thorns. Every pain, every difficulty was to make me what I am now. A little of every step was to teach me.
I met different people, most of time it was difficult for me to let go of them. I never had idea that relationships are not permanent or like what my parents and family have shown to me. Relations and terms are actually something different outside the house. Here friendship is not actually a friendship but a lunch box share for other hostellers and notes share for rest of the classmates. For some friendship is another girl on the edge of bet. Everything that surrounded me was different, ever person I encountered used to be someone else every next morning. Studies, competition and fakes made me go sick.
Being the most pampered kid in the house I had never dreamt of a dream man that most of girl actually wants-loving, caring and so pampering, I never thought I would need a male dominance and male love ever in my life. I had no idea that this urge for need of someone special in my life or dreaming for a first romantic kiss with someone I wanted to live my whole life could ever roam my mind.
My roomies had their boyfriends eventually a new every next week I felt. It was just another true love they encountered. My definition for love was the same and my roomies knew it.
They tried their world best to distract my mind sending their some friend as a true virtue of my dream guy but I guess they had no idea what the power of true love is.
Not everything that shines is gold and not everything that doesn’t is platinum. Those days I watched a television advertisement saying the day of platinum, and I feel this Indi blogger event not a coincidence but to reutilise, re live those moments.
I being the fantasy liver kidney, always wondered if once in my life I could live those moments of what those couples had lived. A arrange marriage with lots of babushayi faith dome and a sudden love encountered.
I am a family obedient child always dominated by my brother but his dominance never suffocated me. I always enjoyed it, his dominance always made me feel safe. At least there was someone to think all my burdens for. I did not have to worry so about my anything. I never cared for my low grades because he was always there to fake sign them, I never cared for my homework’s, he used to think homework makes a child depressed, he never let me do it. I never went kitchen else for a glass of water if so that needed. For little love is just another way to find a hangout, just another way to satisfy their doodling thirst or just another guy or girl. For me love is something else, I cannot describe it.
May be I am not that capable of describing this supreme power. We all underestimate its power. We never find time to understand what love actually is. I left my hostel and company of those people who do not understand it. I found better way to shift with my brother’s girlfriend. One of the sweetest princesses of his life next to me.
Being a good human I never had anything to complaint about him. I missed the fighting part between us, like every other brother and sister would do. I thought fighting is something that enhances a relationship; we get to know what is missing within us when someone yells at you in anger.
In the mess of everything my life was going. In the deep behind something I had few feelings dipped but yet that hope for miracle has vanished so far. I was casually living a normal life, studies, competition and fakes were again to their demand. Things were only going the way nature wanted. It was just a next day everyday but in every of that odd day each morning I have a little wish to make, just one little wish. A special person to awaken my soul, a special person who is compatible to what I always desired, and the reality would remind me that there might not be anybody like that. May be I am just dreaming another day. Desire and fear both fought with each other so I decided not to think over these matters anymore. Not to hurt myself thinking and getting afraid on same topic.
I restricted to enter dreamy world or fantasise anymore. It was so boring without any fairy tale climax to my story, yet hopeful and so doubtful at the same. All those I was ever taught by my brother for being hopefully faithful in every situation were on turmoil doubtful.
Then a hit.
Someone hits my loving scooty while back to college that day, and everything changed so far.
I met those honest eyes of my life, smiling face out of window being sorry for what happened then.
I was speechless, for moment I felt I knew him may be not but I thought I definitely have some connections with him. His body language was decent, he wore no low waist jeans and he had no high spiked hairs. He was simple, he is such that simple.
His honesty, botheration and understanding drew me towards him. For next one week I wondered if I could meet him again, if I can see his smile again.
Restless was my mind all day along and I had no other thought. I felt crying in front of god next super day. I had no idea for my anxiety. For few moments I thought I was over reacting, may be my emptiness was pulling his memories.
A month passed and I tried to forget him but my fantasies were born again. I started feeling he is always near me.
21th January 2011 destiny brought us together. We are happily married and you know I never demand him even a feather because I never feel I need something when I have him as my everything. It was like suddenly the magic was back. I feel my family again. I feel that true love exists and god does listen to prayers. There is no such word that can describe his presence. All that I wish is him in my every birth at any circumstances the way he is now. Simple, quiet and understanding.
And guess what I found day of my love suddenly, after so many tears, pains I have went through; I finally have time to cherish my happiness with him. Amen
My scooty’s front case was broken, it is still that way and it will still be the same forever as the best moment of our love promises. Partners are made in heaven so is your love story. We all have a great love story waiting only if we let it to happen. May be world outside is cruel, may be not all guy are same but believe me there exists a god of love who gives you what you want. Just wish for one that person who can be like you? Be like him then. Patience and calmness will bring you your love charm. My all best wishes.
Even after so many moments, hours and months. He is all the same, not even a dot has sparkled to his personality. Everyday morning we have a romantic start, we brush together; I am pampered like a princess. Love is really magical. For me every day is a platinum day.
Three years of our couple platinum we wore the day from our wedding day and it will be there till I am here in the world. Infect I will ask to be buried with it. Platinum surely has something precious; it stores memories and gives me his presence. I love my husband may be not of what he does but still there is no comparison for my love to anything.
Love will find its way.

platinum day of love,thank you


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