My parents never had such a agreeable time for their kid. They were working; “they were working for my future” is what they said every time someone grilled their parenthood.
They would consent me to bus stand, fill my diet tiffin box and my hairs all combed. Sitting on bus, there used to be a guy running with it till next turn appears. My brother!! My height did not grasp his waving hands but I used to try till I could.
Like a archetypal kinder garden student my tears constantly competed with other student’s but all silently.
He never missed those turn till 45 degree of quadrants.
Few catalytic feelings in life are so sordid to share, few of them should be taught to a girl by her mother. I learnt them from him. His presence never made me texture the emptiness at certainness of life. I never needed a friend, I never needed a best friend and I never needed a pet to rely on.
My most of the homework was done virtually; my assignments were kaput by him. We had fun, most of hours in school I either watched out of window or ran behind butterfly or a dragonfly. I never had a friend so outlying, no specific reason. May be I was too shy, I was quite or may be because I did not want to be bottled-up.
Coming home was the best part of my all childhood. No body used to be home excluding him. He never joint any club of his school, he never went to playground like other boys of his age.
He used to make un-digestible Maggie, but yet still I had the scrumptious supper. I never used my hands to eat, I was a princess then.
Every day so far at 5, was the sleeping time. We had a generous swing outside our garden and it used to be my bed, his legs used to be my pillow.
“aah, what gargantuan feeling it was”
He assimilated higher degree and was forced to leave southern country. I had no internet then, only in weekends we used to have a small chat. He married an Indian there; she is just yet additional mother to me.
He left, was left loneliness and emptiness with me and I do not have friends yet.
Every day when I come back from college, the house is empty again. Even now 5, is the sleeping time and Maggie tastes better now.


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