“did you got something out there” bubble striking away the water flow and we cut through the hard storms into it.

“I found a pretty shell out here, ooohh!! Awww!! This is so beautiful…I am taking this”

I rolled her around the water pupils. You know habit never leaves you, even under water.

“Ouch!! You hurt my buts, at least you do not have to insult me in front of all these fishes and this giant shark”

“Oh really, as if you got something—ummmm!! What??? A s-h-a-r-k”

download (2) images (5) images (6)

“i wish if i had a pet shark, i could take him for a walk, what say?”  she continued answering my anxiety

“Yeah exactly behind you” she said so patiently

I rolled my head and my hairs tickled its nose.

“Run, he got to sneeze” she said before I could get my sense back.

We were dazzling our fins on a unknown water way. There were no path but some strays left by recently visited fishes.

“Oh thank god we ran, or else his mucus could be there on your hair. Oh yeewww, yuksss” she left a deep sigh of relief making me wonder did she ran to save her head from shark’s mouth or her hair from his that so called whatever.

“can we now find what we are here for?”

“now what are we here for?”

“do I need to remind you again and again that we are in a mission to save the planet earth? Zurusko has undertaken the earth and he wants to rule it, we travelled all day long to here in our Tata safari storm? We were out for an adventurous picnic and your stupid nail paint rolled the ground and the whole earth started shaking for your that stupid nail paint yours and mine fiancés are under their covering since they both tried to prove them the so called ADVENTURE GUIDES, we need to save them and the earth as well, we are here to find four pieces of earth- THE FOUR HOLES FROM FOUR SIDES? Do you remind that sweetheart or I shall kick your butt where exactly your brain is”

images (2) images (1) images

“I got a sexy butt, my he says so?”

“now your he is there with the alien, and you need to stop giving me those seducing looks”

“alright but did you find my nail paint yet?”

“shut up”

We begin to more forward, I really liked the green mermaid version of mine including the green shades of my hair while her dark blue colour with a designer touch version envied me but I kept myself reminding that I am not a mermaid, I am human women with beautiful body god gave to me.

All way with her crap gossip we reached a hard black mountain under water. That gave a turn right sign around.

“You think we should go there?”

Before I finished she went inside.

I do not understand why these women were sent with empty head, it could be zurusko’s trick to divert us.

I along with one earth part on my pocket dazzled towards her as well. Zuruko has made four holes at four side of earth and all the energy from it is swapping away to galaxy x, we need to find rest three fast before earth loses its power and zuruko overrule it.

“We are trapped” she said making herself comfortable with the webs around her body.

“You do not need to tell me that, I can feel it” I replied having a helplessness feeling with a dumb lady.

What are we supposed to do now? I felt really helpless. I missed the moments with my group this morning when things were great. We woke up and found that my on to be husband booked a new car, I thought it could be another sedan on the garage. When I got the yellow tee on with white trousers all set for a picnic.

I came out of my comfort zone and watched my eyes open when my love declared it as a “adventurous picnic my doll”

I couldn’t believe my eyes because it was our second dating anniversary and I expected a new dress or new heels on my wardrobe from him but a tata safari and that too storm was a DIVINE –surprise as if I CREATED DELICIOUS-CHOCOLATE all long night and having a good food this morning. I couldn’t hold myself hugging him even tight for this surprise. We the lifted arushi and arush our neighbor cum friends for the trip. Things were often better when we rested on the wonderful setup inside, awesome navigation all day long. We just need to ride on the direction totally stress free,explorer_edition_cargo_basket

We just need to look after our romantic matters while our friend on back sat were trying to decide nail paint cloud for the trip.

Life couldn’t be better than this; I thought when we were parking. I got fascinated with the way videos I saw were from our parking a lot.explorer_edition_reverse_parking_camera

“this is back parking video sweetheart” he confirmed my illiteracy value for the ground nut of mine.

“Ooh! Well I knew that” or I guess I knew that or I couldn’t believe I had one that particular time.

We went inside mall, played golf, video games, ate, shopped and we almost had all fun we could before we can set out for our adventurous picnic.

Arush had brought his bi-cycle, firstly I thought how can I afford to keep his bicycle on the roof of my new safari, then my very dearest love showed me case to bring it along us.explorer_edition_canopy

Oh wow, Tata safari storm gives varieties of sessions to handle the worst situation smilingly without even hurting the car.

I then decided to have a little nap while we drive towards the mountains, I have a great fear from heights.

 “do not worry we can find better road on the storms” said my optimistic love.

“I hate this rock and roll drive so often”

“you are with me and we have a new strength now” he said tapping the staring wheels of his new safari

I could see the proud in his face while he held that.

“So get ready guys we will we driving through rocks” he warned us with a smile.

After a mile of it I asked to wake me up when we go through it, smooth road was making me feel sleepy.

“Darling we are on rocks”

I did not believed what he said and peeped out of widows and he was right, he was not on smooth road, he was on rocks.

For my shock I salute his powerful tyres and design. I wondered if I could ever meet the designer, I will offer him a chocolate for sure for making such a master piece.explorer_edition_cargo_basket

And he was right we were going through a rock and roll drive on but we neither felt a jerk, neither we were shocked, we had a smooth journey.

“So how do you like it”


“Oh come ‘on sweety it is so beautiful”

images (7)

“Standing on a edge with your car parked at the end of a mountain almost falling apart makes you feel wonderful?”

“Nothing to worry, we will start barbeque soon”

“And what else?”

While arush and arushi were playing with badminton.

“Can’t you be normal?”

“What’s wrong being extra ordinary”

“I am going to someone normal, everybody is mad here” I rushed other side to find some calm and peaceful moment.

“I shall call you once we are done with cooking, I love you by the way” he never says so, his words made me afraid for once. My heart stood freeze for what he said, I gave no thought and rushed towards him to hug him.

“guys?? Anybody there? Sambhav?? Arussshh? Ayushi?” I found no body there, I felt I am lost.

“hey hey, I know you guys are being kidding, now please come out, you guys know me right, I will start crying. Where are you” they till did not replied, I felt I was watching a dream. “ no more of adventure now, come out guys??”

A strange silence was there, I felt a buzzing sound on my ears and it was drumming.

“come on arush yes yes you can do it babay” arushi’s voice soothed me and I thanked god.

“what the heck guys? Enough of it come on”

I saw arush and sambhav fetching a rope on storm and counting one-two and jumping a bungee style towards something stuck on one corner of the mountain leak.

“now are they there for your nail paint?”

“yes!! Isn’t it so adventurous?”

“have you lost it?”

I had no idea how to react with these mindless, useless and careless people who doesn’t even cares that it’s not just their life but it deepens on many other lives? I could have known these nerds will do something like this; I should have not planned this trip. Next time when it comes for a trip I would choose some homely park or my drawing room for safe side. If there is a next time, because if anything happens to him I will jump from here as well.

“Here is your nail paint young lady” sambhav offered it to her.

I wanted to slap him right there, but my love let me hold him too tight.

“Enough of it lets go home now” I insisted.

“Not that soon young lady, oh well thank you” a black smoked guy arose out of the holes where arush and sambhav has brought the nail paint from. As if they helped some demon to rise out of his sleep – said my intuitions that moment of time.

“Who the ugly are you now?” said arushi the fashionista.

“THE GREAT ZURUSKO, is what people know myself as” he defined himself while getting bigger and bigger of his size.

“sambhav, let’s go from here” I tried to pull him while on way I found myself on another track, a chess board where there was I, arushi and some other chess board people.

“So you the courageous lady and you anti-ugly lady, I like both of you, marry me and rule the world with me”

“Never have you jerked” said I, while arushi had no idea of what was going.

“Oh mine mine! Resistance, I like it. Infect queens always fight, oh well I do not want to overrule you though I can if I want, I want to check your capacity to become my lady”

“Mind your own language and tell me where my friends are”

“that two guys you mean?”

I saw sambhav, arush on some other plant walking like a dumb, as if someone has brought out their minds and fitted transistors and robotics.

“your family” he showed some more people along our whole neighbors or people I know.

“who the hell are you?”

“bad memory” he tickled my chin for which I brushed his ugly smoky hands.

“what do you want”

“both of you and this earth”


“ok these are four sides of covering of your planet, these covers earth’s resistance and immunity, I brought the four caps out of four sides, now the energy is flowing away away-ta-la-la-lali-li the earth’s energy flowing away and the time too” he stood silent facing back “go” his voice rushed us badly making us anxiety.

“how shall we find it?”

“oh!! Well of I tell you everything how shall I be making my on go well?”

“you can’t cheat us” I thought my courage should frighten him a little and it did to some extent or else why would he give me ways to find help? Or he has some other plans.

These all were so sudden that I couldn’t even get time to figure it out if it was real.

We asked for a help to the supreme.

I cried out to god for help.

“Dear my child, as I do not have time to explain you everything but I assign you along with your this friend to save the earth mission. You have courage strength and uniqueness that nobody had; you have that power my child. I will show you the way” he gave some old pages of ma.

“Please take arushi back to you, this is dangerous and she will not be able to get through this you know this well”

“oh well she will get so much to learn, take it as a challenge and move ahead, my blessings”

God vanished but I had my new strength and zeal inside.

“What is all going on” she said for the very first time.

“I seriously had no idea” I said while driving back our storm on wheels.

While I had stirring on hands I felt my love’s magic there and I decided that by hook or took I will bring him back, it means a lot. Every moment every second counts to us now.

We drove across navigating each moment and each part of map.

We went through hard rocky path, streams and small water falls.

We reached doodling and tooling broken bridges but safari storm was all way along with us.

We found one part of earth’s rock and zuro did not disturb us for because god’s grace was there until we make our own mistakes. At the highest of all we found the first piece of our mission.

We then depth inside the water and god a mermaid look to survive under water. It was all either planned or working with god’s grace perfectly.

“your nail paint cost us all this trouble” I said myself getting uncomfortable with the dark around me and webs clutching me tighter even more.

“do not worry, if he brought you here, he only will bring you out” her words of faith sounded me hapless.

“remember there exists something unique inside you” something buzzed my mind and I gave another try to break the webs.

And yes, we were succeeded.

We got through it.

Storms were there, we had rocky path. My face turned pale with thirst but I did not give up.

We got our second piece of mission from the one who trapped us. He was pleased with our courage and thanks arushi for that. She may not have mind but she have a string heart for sure.images (4)

We then flew up with wings on sky to reach a door what map showed.

“do you have the keys?”

“I have no idea” said I

“what shall we do?”

“no idea?”

“get idea”

“shut up”

“May I help you” said someone unknown with a white dress on his body, truly peaceful aura and a better vibration then what I was feeling all day long.

“We need to open this”

“I am the gate keeper; you shall need to answer few questions to find what you need”

“what this gate is about? What we find there?”

“a wish”

“and what it is supposed for?”

“anything you wish will be given, now do not waste time and answer this” time was flowing, and we can see the watch showing just half an hour away to destroy.

“what causes pain?”

“when nail breaks” says arushi out of her blue.

“something that causes pleasure, causes pain” I said without an idea


“what brings an idea, yes you young lady” he pointed me before arushi could say anything

“an hapless moment with determination inside bring a idea” I seriously had no idea where these answers came from

“last question- what will make you happy”

I knew this question was tricky one; I had 20 minutes on hand and a door away from my success

“happiness is undefined for because what makes me happy may not make you happy”

“very good, I am impressed, remember ask your wish on exact words the lady understands or else you shall be sent back” his eyes warned with his moving index figuresdownload (3)

Door opened with a white young lady inside with a blue droplet in her hand.

“what do you wish for young lady” her voice was soothing and I loved her humbled nature for myself.

“we are in trouble and I do not find exact word to wish for but I need your help, please do whatever you feel is good for us. Please” I gave up and sat on knees with teary eyes.

She smiled and the doors were closed, I knew I said wrong code words and we were sent back to where we came from. I gave up on everything and my mind was unable to thin k anymore.download

I found myself running out of sharks, falling directly on the stones of mountain.

While I was falling down I found arushi was enjoying this, she taught me a lot on the moment, now I understood what god meant by what he said. He wanted myself to learn more even of what I knew. Arushi taught me to hope on the worst. Her carelessness was envying me for having mind. Mind brings tension and tension brings stress, stress brings nothing.

I was flowing down crossing clouds, I remembered sambhav and his pamparable hug, his touch, his smile

“I am sorry I couldn’t do it”

“at least you tries yourself” said someone from above, I found his face similar.

He was smiling, with dimples on his left.

I crossed darkness, I crossed clouds, I crossed every flavor of life and it was beautiful experience.

“I lived my life- thank you and forgive me”

I felt a strange silence and peace around. I felt hypnotized with some swirls and colorful circles in front of my eyes now.

“happy anniversary my princess” said him while waking me up of my dream.

“shit, it was a dream” I thanked god “I love you, I love you a lot” I hugged him tight

“I have a surprise for you my doll” he lifted me up in his arms and followed me to our backyard in my night suit. I did not resist him because how I was feeling only I knew that.

“Tata safari storm”

“tadaaaahhh!!!” he waved his hands “aren’t you happy? You always wanted a safari tour on the normal roads” his face went life

“ooh wow Tata safari storm. I am happy I am seriously happy for a moment I thought I was dreaming ha ha” I tried to lighten up his mood and my stupid reaction

I kissed his cheeks, let’s go for a ride thennnnnn. I shouted to arushi who herself was coming towards us with bunch of flowers and a nail paint on her hands.

I gave a wild smile to myself and we went for a ride.

“can I??” I asked for the keys.

“not everything you see is a dream, there is a lot you need to learn” someone knocked my window glasses while I was about to start my new ride.

note: the above post is made under a competition of Indiblogger name-i am the explorer



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