THE FUTURE OF SHOPPING- an alien world with alien avatars…

Shoppppiiinnnngggg… no doubt is the only stress breaker medicine for all women out here we are.

We shop when we are happy, we shop when we are sad and we shop when we have best mood and we shop when we have no mood at all… ummm well we make one when we have shopping status on visions.


Now you find me always putting classy new shoes, my new princess pink top and the new trends on accessories, I just made my manicure and entered a shop- come on I took ice-cream, the tooty frooty is enjoyable. Later see what it have a monsoon sale, the counter is half way full with my stuffs.

The shopkeeper lady do not seem amazed, after all it is a sale shopping quite a double of normal people can buy at the same rate.

My manicured nails were tapping while the lady noting down the product code and price through some small dryer like machine that puts a red light on my clothes, I get afraid if she is putting some laser on them.

After a long wait she packs my all shopped stuffs into five long chained bags with a “thank you ma’am do visit again” smiling face.

Aaahhh well, who is going to pick them up and walk through more next sales?

Now what? I am worried of my nails off course; I spent so much on them right before few minutes.


So well it is too late to regret, I sacrificed my nails on the urge to roam next other shops and reach home packing my car’s front seat, back seat and even the above and below bonnet seat, infect the above car seat too.

Why do we ladies shop like this, as if the world will end after that, or there shall be nothing left if the sale is over? Nobody ever knew and nobody ever will, we shop just to satisfy our feminine-hood. This is by birth issue with all of us.

We like to manage money, we love to save but when it comes to shop we think nothing, nothing means nothing.

All the hectic way out made my spinal break and my bums in pain. With a sip of coffee I was wondering what should be the next shopping ideals for which everything is on display and a click away.

the only thing I would be looking for in  “future shopping” idea is  it’s time urge. We all want things to happen fast, though we all lazy ass loves to delay but we want our works to be made fast.

  • Why not there shall be a fast delivery, like an on way click and on way stuff.
  • I would love if I could shop my daily vegetables and chocolates from local super market.

If I found my shampoo is over and I need one within few minutes, I could just click my tablet or cell phone to bring one, I can still do this while calling the local super market but looking the pictures, exploring and shopping has other fun.

What if I am sitting and having a coffee and I find a mega sale on a online shopping market and I could cart more than 100s of new clothes for trial, I would try and fit the best one.

If you ask me how I see shopping in 2030, I see it purely an internet slotted shopping. Till then people would be so lazy to even walk to toilets.

Shopping means a lot to many, at least for me. It always gives me happiness; it was never about money but a feeling of being complete to it. It is like a girl friend to me.

Shopping at the other country’s local streets and that too a click away? How the idea does sounds? A live shopping cart available 24 hours and I could consult the shop keeper, I could even ask them to show me their best pieces, I could even give them my virtual size and get my desired new local foreign accessory.

Most of the online shopping shows the shining products but what we get at home is truly different, something which could be more trust able and makes task more easily.

I choose to visit some shopping cart where I could see ample of designs, ample of their sizes and colors and lots and lots to choose.

I can take up my legs on couch and watch my daily soup while on advertising breaks I can order a big pizza and alongside new nail paints with handkerchiefs that vary with designs at once and under same roof.

A digital shopping mall you may say, where you can watch things getting sold, you can see your neighbors avatars roaming near shopping.


One finest thing I wonder is to create self-owned cartooned avatars that will fit my size to some rations, same figure like I look (I won’t mind if they make me look little thinner), same way I walk, my ankle size, my dress fitting size and various other details which bring me to a real virtual look, a social blog like things where you may walk, roam and shop sitting at home without paying for your painful spondylitis and slip disk back pains. You may feel virtually present there and enjoy the shopping as you did physically present there. Like roaming whole mall and wherever you go, the camera flips and so will your cartoon avatar will. You may even talk and greet people there, you may even ask your best friend to visit with you. Won’t it be so coooooooolllllll???

I would love if there are various offers on the price tags and one-to-one or one-to-many free offers. We all wait for something like that. Things those are easy and cheap to buy are always dearest to us ladies, this way we can ask our husband’s that we at least started to save.


fashion-shopping-girl-7-1920x1200 (2)

I would love one shopping arena where my husband doesn’t gets bore and help me choose a best outfit and the finest comment when I try them.

I would love if it gives me facility to let me try my avatar wear those dress and see the fitting, size or simply HOW DOES IT LOOKS TO ME.

And if it takes 2030 to complete this ideology, someone please bring me a time machine and get me to there, the alien ship to shopping.


Thank you for reading my post, i hope you enjoyed this, i thank INDIBLOGGER network to provide me with this opportunity and who organised this contest, i loved exploring digital shopping, it revitalized my cells.


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