Negative thoughts come from negative belief:


Negative thoughts come from negative belief:

We all grow with a belief system that our ancestors have set for us. Naturally we may call it superstitious or a false belief that do not help us to grow. Our elders have a tendency to not accept what their little ones try to convince. Children are not always wrong; they definitely have something new to teach.

Had not children taught you to be kid dish then you have never knew that being kid and selfless is such a DIVINE-EMBRACE. We all need to start believe what makes us happy. This is what life wants from us.

To be happy. To be happy and to be happy.

No wonder if you have just 2 dollar to spend whole day, you can be still happy if you feel content.

During my research and patients I encountered there were many who thought that they were not capable enough to deserve abundance, many said they believe so because earning more money will lead to sin, some said they need more but their inner self do not allow them to accept more. They were confused.

Truly very very confused.

The false believe brings lack and feeling of disturbance. Nothing in the universe is impossible, you can even fly. You do not need wings for it, you can grow them. Your false belief that human can’t get wings is a lack.

Well that was an example. There is a lot of false belief that brings lack.

  • Your attitude for no more change in life is a false belief- some people has a habit of not accepting changes whereas changes are good and it should be. We should undertake changes intentionally so that later when changes come by their own we should not feel bad. Few of us are so attached to materials around us that we do not want to sell them, change them later when they are forcefully changed by universe for a change in your life many of us are into depressions or other mental lack.

  • Your attitude of not able to admire what is good is false belief- belief that says admiring something that is even good will bring lack to self-control is a false belief. You can’t lose your importance by admiring someone else. Admire, bring and see well in others to find good in you too.

  • Your belief that richness and abundance will bring disgrace to god – god said richness is bad only if you bring it on hurting or snatching other’s dream. Richness can come to you by simple being you. You can be honest, yourself and hardworking and richness will come and nobody in this earth is here to stop you being richness if you do not give a shit to what they are doing. Bad people always exist in mind not on land. If you think corruption exist yes it does and if you think good people exist yes they do. Now tell me what do you think?

One regular way to get out of limitations and false belief is to cherish self. Let others do whatever they say. Let your parents say that working for self or going into modelling, having a self-business is some sort of headache since you belong to a service class. Let them think what they believe and let you work positively to change their system. When they say- they are not always right, they are just being protective but they are not harmful for sure. A parent always has an emotional attachment for a child. They do not want their kid to have adventure, they are afraid what if you are hurt or someone tried to hurt you, they are more bothered of how you will feel after that. Their primary and secondary matter of stress is you. No parent is not bothering, they are either running out of their this feeling or do not care to show you. I myself know it now.

It is you who makes and breaks this pattern. Take a chance, live it your way because you have got just one single life and this day and opportunity will never come back- REMEMBER


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