Profilic Progression-idea that changed my idea about certain things

Extending my post with idea of caravan, due to some lack of time I couldn’t go through most of them but I choose three of them out of all videos. I shall surely watch all of them once I am free. But for now I really need to put on what I got from the next two videos I watched, one was of –ANGAD NADKARNI AND MITTAL PATEL.

Both of them differ in their fields but yet they stand at one place called, an idealogical work-space.

First coming to angad’s working worshopic ideas. That was great. We all hate exams, for because it brings us unexpected results out of its name. We all wait for result in hope of something and it is always surprising sometimes it’s more of your expectation and sometimes it is naturally less and this second sometimes comes more often.

What I have noticed was: what an exam do- pressurize my head till it’s boiling point, makes me envy of my friends, I fight for and with them, just for few bucks of marks I read and memories. When results are almost out it just gets starts another semester of new six subjects. When results are out I did not even remember their subjects. I just check if I am passing. See this is what exam does.

When I do not even remember what subjects I studied, how am I supposed to know what I have studied. If I go with gaining knowledge I feel like completing few elegant chapters and their topics to pass my exams first. I end up reading what is not worth even getting inside my nostrils but I do them because I need them that moment.

I fight for what is not supposed to, I may top class and my batch sometimes but then I feel where do I stand? Is what marks I always needed?

I answer no, because when I tried to gain knowledge I skipped what my university paper could speak to me next morning. When I open question paper I wonder that is this what people call level of a paper, when I start writing most often I feel what should I fill for a general “what is my name” thing to something a 10 marks answer.

I keep on writing every single word I come across out of my mind capturing them. But where do I stand is what I ask myself.

So what should I choose? Should I write on paper that this idea for question is completely a bad idea? I can’t, they provide me university resource, I just gave what? Money, yeah that is what they need. And I have all my rights to let them know that this is not we all need. If it is all about clearing exam, we should be provided with some specific good questions that will give us knowledge and marks both.

This is well needed, and angada is working well on this, I wish him a good luck and prefer everybody to please watch his video, this man is fantastic. His work towards this will surely bring some changes. All best wishes buddy.

Here is that video I came across, I wish I had more time to write and express more specifically about it so as I could enter this to competition.

Coming up to next video I came across was about works and great approach mittal is undertaking. One thing that attracted me towards her was her non fearing attitude; she did not seem to be waiting for any organisation or any other authority person to take the matter into account. She believed in working for good cause by her and for her own satisfaction.

Providing lives and hopes too many shall bring you good wishes gal, you are angel to all of them.

Identity is so indeed needed, how it feels when someone asks you weather even if you exist.

And when I heard about a person getting punished for someone else and women’s involved into prostitution, that was near to disgusting. I have deep sympathy and respect for all those who suffered for such rituals. Whom should we blame for all these? We can’t blame government or any singular personality for this. We all are equally responsible for everything happening around. We are just ignorant and we do not care. I completely understand our ignoring attitude towards others pain is no body bothering about ours, but that is not what humanity is. Tit for tat is never a answer for anything, not everybody here is bad.

We all are single, citizen and human. We have certain responsibilities towards each other.

Solution for anything is not a solution, sometimes people need even more. They need understanding and appreciations. They need helping hands more often than money at bag. Emotions, to play good and wonder of ideas and getting into some dreams as hopes.

She shares her some of great experiences she have went through with nomadic tribes in country side in Gujarat and their problems regarding or finding their own self-identification. She gives few of the best shots and specific knowledge of what we couldn’t even bothered to know, thank you lady you just said it all bless you darling.

She talks about how these nomadic and de-notified tribes even after 50+ years of independence still account for 8-10% of India’s 1.1 billion populations. This was what I got through her you tube video details.

Google says about her: Mittal Patel, Founder of Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch.
Mittal Patel herself comes from very humble beginnings. She completed her primary education in the village school before her sporting talent won her several scholarships. Following that, Mittal Patel decided to pursue her B.Sc in Ahmedabad. Mittal Patel did her Bachelors in Science (Physics) and went ahead to pursue journalism securing Bachelor of Communication, Journalism & Public Relations, B.C.J.P., M.J.S Masters in Journalism Studies and M.Phil. in Communication, Journalism & Public Relations. While enrolled in Gujarat University’s Department of Journalism, Mittal Patel was selected for the scholarship on the ‘Social and Economic study of Migrant Workers’ by ‘Charkha’-Development Communication Network. In this context she conducted a study on the ‘Sugarcane workers of South Gujarat’; a task she completed after enduring lot of difficulties to stay with these families for a month. The experiences she gathered while staying with the families for a month were so profound that they gave her mission of her life.

Mittal joined an organization named ‘Janpath’ and here Mittal’s own NGO Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch was born. When she had first started working and researching these nomadic communities, she had not planned to form an organization but their plight so moved her that VSSM was created and registered under Society and Trusts Act. Mittal has taken on the challenging task to go to these far flung nomadic communities, establish relations with the inhabitants, and carry intensive efforts for provide socially acceptable livelihood alternates and the path- breaking task of sending the children of these communities to school

Apart from her mission, she carries out beautiful married life. Her husband, Maulik Kausal is an class- I officer in C.A.G. department of central Govt. He is also taking care of her task. She is has a 1 and a half year old daughter, named Kiara.

There was a lot which could have been said and maybe I am not aright one to explain, do watch her video and know about it more.

Watch her here:

Morals and facts I generated:
Identification in a nation is so necessary because we all are separated and we all have a identity, we just need a authority proof that we exist as some specific so and so name, and we belong to such section of country and we own so and so things.
Examinations were made for self-judgment of where do we stand, but examinations now a days have turned into pressure cookers and provide extreme heat to head till boiling point or till it gets burst.
A woman has been always considered as a deity until few people in earth took birth including that man who found women should be always less to them, man who thought she should be engaged in incomes and all those women who thought or still thinks serving for their family is what their DHARMA AND KARMA is.
We always need a single approach to find ways, we all need just a fine way to cover all it all at once. You can still be good to someone, become life to someone, give smile and become hope. Be a good person from anything you can ever do, irrespective of what they think or do for you. God is watching do good



note: this post has been written for indiblogger under it’s one contest “the idea of perfect caravan” conducted by

Franklin Templeton Investmentspartnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.


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