Ideatic Idealogically Idol

                                     Ideatic Idealogically Idol


firstly thank you Indiblogger and this contest which made me aware of few hidden gems or our ignoring attitude that was not looking these type of work going around, simply unaware of facts, anyways now when i have came across it, i am surfing, knowing more, google-in them and getting to know more and more, this is increasing my knowledge and ideas to get new ideas.

Wondering what is an idea? An idea makes disturbed things go into a queue of perfect zig saw. It can turn your sleeping hunger into passion for survival. An idea can really change your life.

Certainly that makes me think about all other way we make to manage our dreams and convert them into reality foreground. We tend to make all such passion able fantasy creation inside all of us that makes us better accept or to the open challenges.

Merely no one, no blocks, no blockages, no offences, no virtual mental block or no unsigned cam ever stop your ability and it should definitely not.

Only when we want to blame someone for your degraded virtue and attitude, you need a reason or excuse to oppose what you want.

I am inspired and really very amazed by this guy.  Wondering whom I am talking about? Usman riaz, we all know him for his dedication to music.

I never heard about him until Indi blogger broadcast his videos. Off curse I did not clicked his video for his cute looks, ok you may take it too, I won’t mind. He is simply making me realize that for now my “no excuse for not going gym” will not work, I should join a video gym and start working out extra fats.

Details of usman riaz, I got from Google was:

TEDGlobal Fellow Usman Riaz is a young Pakistani musician making a worldwide mark with his astonishing and fun-to-listen-to technique. Influenced by percussive guitarists–who move beyond strumming to striking, treating their fret board like the soundboard of a piano–Riaz makes a sound that feels larger than the instrument itself, with a compelling pattern of repetition and variation that harkens to mystical music traditions.

In 2011, a viral video for his song “Fire Fly” helped bring his sound from the small-but-thriving Pakistani music community to a global audience. He’s now collaborating with other musicians in Pakistan and working on a new album of original music.


He is definitely charming, cute and good looking, no doubt. Apart what people get attracted towards his simple and swirling love for music? How calmly and passionately both at once he revises music. This you tube link explains him better

His swapped so much stress out of my mind when I found him holding strings and playing them so effortlessly and this is what I call divine in music. I keep a deep interest in music and

Believe that music have been turned into noise by some but it’s originality lies in its origin divine fluting sounding from flute or flanged strings. Music- is life for many, infect we all now a days rely on them.

The best part about him I found was his easy acceptance to changes and challenges. He seemed to make innovations with rages and making them worth appreciating. He somehow reminds of my part with his online learning stream. I remember how hard and wonderfully I learned psychology where as my fate was signed by my family as a engineer. Internet gave me a way to choose my dreams and thank my life; otherwise we all know how hard the life of an engineer starting from their initial days is.

He makes all of us think again that we do not need MONEY, CLASSES, TEACHERS, LONG WAY DEGREES, QUALIFICATIONS to make our dreams come true, all that we need is just a INITIATION AND DETERMINATION. Rest all is there already.

He is inspiring and gave me a reason to re-choose for my some hidden never ending dreams that I have buried inside my heart with excuses- now no new excuses are going to disturb my growth because I know I just need to know what I want rest everything else is already there.

Thank you usman, your determination to learn something new brought you new ideas and new ways to find a way for your way to get what way you have choose.

You made it brother, and I really appreciate and consider your work as a fantaboulous remark for yourself. You defiantly had god’s grace and that brought you talent, but your will to find a way was what is making me smile even now. You are somehow idol for all those who couldn’t afford to go and pay high fee for learning something.

You gave all of them a belief that learning is just an ever flowing technique, you do not need to be perfect in particular, you just need to learn

Wish you for a good future and happy music. Your tunes gave me a tune; I am sharing that here in cheers to both of ours stories:


Kyu jamane bhar se meine khud ko chupa rakha tha,

Dusro se chodo meine khud se muh mod rakha tha,

Matlabi kehti rahi duniya ko, par sach to ye hai ki,

Apne jajbato ko sapno ke naam se jan bhuj ka daba rakha tha.

One that moral I got through points:

Our dreams are not specific, we can choose. Even if we were forced to choose something what we never liked, we can always have some time to choose and enjoy our dreams.


There is no limitation for what we choose and want to become, we always have some new ideas and ways to find way, and we just need to see that way.


Always not being perfect is what matter, sometimes learning is a good idea, always follow it.


Your inner bliss calls you, if you are reading this that means angels wanted you to find something that is best part of you, search it today only and go get life.



note: this post has been written for indiblogger under it’s one contest “the idea of perfect caravan” conducted by

Franklin Templeton Investmentspartnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.


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