New moon light gives you love-hope and desire

Everything is a belief, we work in this simple dimension of accepting facts, observations and few alternatives of life’s variable.


parsing through year’s powerful Full-Moon just a way around a lot has changed for many souls, not just spiritually but probably physically. the same thing works differently for each one of us. we are not just talking about moon phases and it’s effect on everything but the water scrutiny and arriving paradigms for our planet or inhabitant. Guardian angels speak on this as the most protective signature from the universe on the variable authenticity.

talking about beautiful things we can do with life, we can act child, initiate our kids inside and play around a bit, what about drawing a heart in our palms, writing for love inside of it and keep a focus on it around the day to be into the vortex of availability.

considering the specialty of the energy extension our subconscious captures most of our needs, that is the reason the world is spiritually blessed even if we don’t get it, it is always around.

we all want tp GIGGLE around, Grab some time , specified to our needs, some basic needs we normally ignore but enjoying them at the pace of life’s synchronicity is beautiful and sometimes necessary.

the little details of life, especially the un-noticed wrapper from the chocolate, don;t you think everything is alive as long as our consciousness and acceptance. most of us think that behaving like a nerd who takes everything alive into consideration is way too mentally sick, I wonder why not? why not?

Looking things with this perspective where everything is energy helps us find answers to unspecified questions, for those who are seeking answers for life and its existence, acting like that one would eventually work.

make a change by choice because that is what your heart wants from you.


Jai Shri Krishna


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