Tale of a journey ahead

A trip is a small journey with a misunderstanding that it shall last long, but it is just a small buzz to old memories. you feel and miss those moments while watching a tree or empty road, if you had any, that once made you live and believe. A trip.. a memory.. a dream and a long tale of fantasy.

My husband is a really busy person, I made so many plans all way through our wedding but nothing worked, there were even times when we boarded flight and came back home but I never got frustrated. At least not when I thought that was enough of it, suddenly when my mother in law fell sick, or we missed our dragon at some other port, when I forgot my bag at home and we came back, when we forgot passport at home, when our Tyre got puncture at middle of road and we missed our flight, when…. And such a long list. It seems like someone blocked our aura’s to tour. Indi blogger is the best way to refresh my agony and frustration; I came across this Idea of my Prefect Journey. I gave enough food for thought, even more of my appetite.

I then ran my mind towards the destinations we planned to visit, after my husband left for his clinic like his daily routine, I dusted my room, kitchen and dropped the idea to cook lunch today. What I kept thinking the whole night was how I can cherish my hidden dream of wondering lanes of Vermont cheese farm. It is staying countryside for ages and trims like a farm house trip. Vermont sounds like harry potters voldermont and that remind me of enchanting bluuaah bluaahh blummm..

Vermont cheesy trail trip was suggested by one of my cousin living in U.S.A. when she said it is one of the best sightseeing idea I should take into my account, she actually meant that it is a worth place to visit by and Google images tells me rest. I explored Google maps, travel reviews and images by my cousin in her Facebook profile.

Now lemme come to how I got to update my blog today, I just wanted to narrate you about my morning imagination ride to my lost trip once.

I imagined: myself packing my backs up, getting things messed, and hurried fast.

“shona fast, we are gotta late” shouted my husband.

I am still wondering what to take and what to leave, they won’t let me in 30 kg more baggage. “This one? No no I have matching bag with it, what about this” I threw many out of my bag.

“No doubt” he said standing at door way folding hands “should I help?”

“neki aur puch puch…” I laughed.

He made me in corner and packed bag in 20 minutes, and few more hours to go.

“Where are you going now?” he tried to grasp information about it but it was late.

I rushed towards my beastie and in no time the floor gave me no-frictional jerk pushing me down, I managed, removed shoes and joined hands “for now let me please have a memorable journey”

“Done buttering? Now can we go Madame?” he said picking up bag.

I put on my sandals and moved along him taking little effort to handle my hand bag.

“Shit” I ran out of car and rushed to where I just left, removed shoes and joint hands “by memories I meant tour memories not cancellation memories, OK bye, thank you, I love you” I flying kissed him and left.

“Finally” he sighed.

“Yes finally”

“Oh shit, my green hand bag”

“I packed”

“Freak, my shades”

“I took”

And the conversation went on, what makes our mood fresh for one hour long journey towards airport with our fragrance partner Ambi pur, nothing refreshes stinky socks and dragon’s THE WEEK NO BATH TAKING bad odor better.

I, my husband and our little darling dragon (do not call him dog, he gets irritated. Obviously if you call “mad” a mad he is really going to react to it) set for a tour finally, no Tyre puncture, nothing missed, passport and visa –checked, dragon’s food-checked, animal tour permission-checked, tourism booklet-checked, and kiss on hubby’s cheeks for a beautiful vacation-checked.

Oh my god, I do not believe for what I see. I am finally in U.S.A and soon will hit my favourite cheese’s favourite origin place.

I specifically asked my husband to book an Audi and for my surprise he brought an Audi-r8, he is always beyond my expectation.

∂ Picture For the perfect visualization:

Sleepy Hollow Farm

We three of us set for our tour-de-Vermont n explore foreign cows and bakris, this is what my hubby says while driving out for lanes.

We marched on with Abmi pur car freshener, telling you again- our fragrance partner, and for a good start dragon farted, we only heard the sound rest Ambi pur knows its job best. My darling hubby rolled the keys and pressed a button, the wagon for my today’s companion was ready to set on speed.

∂ Picture For the perfect visualization:


We drove at 40 km/hour, my figures were pushing dragon’s furs and through were cooperating with mouth with buzzing some songs, hairs were flowing with theme and my hubby was busy tracing map.

“Here it is”

∂ Picture For the perfect visualization:


“Oh mine mine, woowww” the view distinguished itself from what I saw in Google of what  my visions are busy watching at. Rolling off car windows I took a deep breathe, cold winds following fresh grass smell. We drove to lanes, countryside and old authentic religion speaking various ancient silences.

The sudden rain and fresh cooking oil smell roamed to my nostrils, the feeling of being together with family and having a happy time was reminiscence for me about the carefree days in childhood.

“Did you see that” my eyes just caught a rain deer running back to my car, it was wonderful. My hubby was surely got irritated with my did you see that and this and my camera flashing back pictures one by one on Para gram and I am going mad.

Ambi pur keeps my hubby’s mood fresh and alive. I wonder what would have I done without it, kudos to them who invented it.

These yellow petals of shed really fascinated me, when I looked right it was green and beautiful, when I looked other way it was more beautiful, when I looked even other side it looked even more beautiful.

We took halt at some local bakery. I did not know even that much kind of cheese is also available. They had flavoured cheese, cheese to gain sex power, cheese for good health and psych, diet cheese, mushroom cheese and list went on. We visited local temples, all day long with my camera and click click and click. Sometimes I posed sometimes dragon. Only static person was my husband, stand at it is.

I wondered if they allowed me for a cow ride, I always fantasised of riding a cow.

Life seems beautiful when you are with your family, totally careless and living it all. My idea for a perfect road trip will be definitely a walk with my husband on the calm roads. We hardly give time to each other; I just want to live them all up- peacefully. A long drive in rain would be a wonderful idea to spend some romantic cuddling moments. Somewhere at the out area, where there is no human race, no one just I and he.

The peace, calmness, the wind and the fogs with air travelling to my face that was DIVINE-awesome.

We then marched towards the city and the main course part. The rush, horns, people, vendors, hospitality and so on, everybody was shouting, yelling and smiling. No wonder why people like country side. I missed the cow scene, the fresh OXYGEN and fresh dew-drop grass smell.

We then choose pacific coast highway, a place within a place and away from place. A perfect area to feel your hairs up, your dresses flying and clicking pictures. It looks like a big zing saw mirrored road line pathway towards DIVINE-CARE. You can meditate, dance, shout, hear echoed and you can do anything except eating there at sea beach, you never know when a crab comes to ask for his share.

∂ Picture For the perfect visualization:

idea_ss_pch-roadtrip_001_596x334_596x334 images

When you look from above the high land it looks like a small place of area within your fingers round and suddenly there is a large whale creature like plates of green and black sheds keeps opening one by one.

you see green one side, then black one way and all blue above and down to sky and earth. it is reflecting the sky notions or sky absorbs oceans?  beauty speaks so shy, anxiety to touch everything at once made me mad.

Dragon kept sleeping whole trip, I got some time to enhance my forgotten romance power within. I loved to tease my hubby while driving, touching his hands, bubbling his tummy, kissing cheeks at odd times like while paying tolls because these moments won’t come back.

Life seemed content and I lived my moments there itself.

“You slept?” his kiss on cheeks woke me up out of my dreams.

“Sorry, forgot to cook lunch” I really felt bad, this never happened. I never let him go out of home hungry at lunch, never.

“It is all right; even I was searching a reason to take you out somewhere”

We had a new chapter to memories; I had a walk down lanes, no car, no traffic, and no cell phone disturbing us. We lived our old newly wedded days again. Thank you god, thank you Ambi pur and thank you Indi blogger. I got reason to re live my dreams.


Note: This post has been submitted for a competition called THE PERFECT ROAD TRIP, conducted by


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