Let your child mess the room, let him grow!

You have originated transversely the circumstances where you child would have messed the main deskbound area with colours and few more eating stuffs,



                      And you might have full-fledged with a sagacity of bad humour and bad receptive reaction but believe me



                   Let your child mess the room, let him grow!

Being a parenting psychology canvasser without an degree and books it’s hard for me to get through the main points but as psychology and philosophy don’t need degree, so as my views to let you know what this can be done with J,

When you see your child doing a muddle, be proud because its where he learns to win, yeas you heard it correct messing is a sign of letting your child grow, when he creates a mess he is actually making it worth for himself,

There are different cryptograms that one should notice, but sometimes few things are not meant to be noticed, few thing are meant him to grow more bigger and more stronger,

Have you heard somewhere, that a dust is good for health, you can’t let your child learn hygiene coercing him, you need to let him know the basic details first,

When your child creates a messy bedroom, he is actually learning how to organise his personal life, yes that’s also important, because it’s not you can let your child avoid from being into a relationship, he is smart enough to choose his own choice only if you don’t restrict him to mess up.

Have you heard messing is important to solve. That’s applies the same to the child, let him do his hearts off and let him understand himself, because that is what a child want- freedom like you do. You have to understand the basics of your child, stop indulging yourself into something that would later let you blame your sanskaras, because that’s  not a child’s culpability he don’t notice you.

Like everyone there is a impeccable age for it, in childhood he needs a mother, later he needs a friends and more later he needs a best friend, let him understand you too, coercing yourself to him will only make you disappointed, you just need to go for something that is a free hand go stuff for him.

Remember your child is your asset and he is your responsibility, not you are the vice versa. Never expect that he would take care of you at old age or something, have an alternative for yourself, becoming a good human is always in his hands, no spoken disciplines can mould him, you just need to be yourself, free happy and loving mother


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